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Wall vent: Wall vent cap are applied for any venting applications such as kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, basement and outside wall for residence. Beautiful stainless steel appearance fit any decorating scheme.

Gable Vent: Gable vent are made by aluminum or galvanized steel, with soldered or riveted joints, a steel mesh is soldered to the inner side of the gable vent to act as a barrier to birds and other small pests. It is water-resistant and helps air flow. They are more attractive with full vision blocking of screens and attic framing that gives homes a cleaner appearance.

Undereave Vent: It is designed for homes with no overhang to provide under eave ventilation, fully screened for protection against insects and rodents, durable aluminum and stainless steel construction, it's pro-drilled for easy installation with a nail. It fits snugly against the side of the home. Polish, mill, brown and white finish.

Door vent: The door vent are adjustable, this design provide an easy method of airflow.

Foundation Vent: The foundation vents are used to install on the wall near the floor. It's structure help air flow.

Roof Cap: It is the top only of Roof Assembly, residential roof vent, used to install on the roof together with roof flashing.

Roof Flashing: It is the base of Roof Assembly residential roof vent, used to install on the roof together with roof Cap.

Diffuser: It has unique styling with adjustable feature, suit for suspended ceiling and wall mounting applications. The center plate is designed to provide an easy method of airflow regulation.

AccessoriesIt’s supporting the use of all kinds of ventilation